......Astor Piazzollas Tango Nuevo

When Piazzolla died in 1992, he left behind his wonderful compositions and many recordings, and so inspired many musicians. And so Elena Szirmai, who started out playing Piazzollas music in duo with Otmar Kramis (concerts in Switzerland and Indonesia), and now found her ideal form in the trio with double-bass-player Herbert Kramis.

The Piazzolla pieces, written for quintett, were newly arranged by Elena Szirmai for this unusual instrumentation, adding their own individual musical qualities, like the bouncy time-feel of jazz and subtle agogics and tone-coloring of the classical music.

Thanks to their intensive teamwork combined with long years of friendship, the trio succeeds in going beyond mere interpretation by adding improvisation, and composed parts to this music an unmistakable own character.

Trio Szirmai – Kramis guarantees an intensive musical experience, whereby technique serves the musical expression, and accurate interplay comes before „solo-ism“.